Acting for a more altruistic world

Karuna-Shechen proposes ways to take part in the change and to get involved in a concrete way on a daily basis in order to participate in making our world better.

An altruistic vision becomes meaningful when it is implemented in a practical and efficient way in the service of others. Everyone can get involved, whether it be with those around them or with the environment.

In our daily lives, we constantly encounter opportunities to act to build a more just world for ourselves, for others, for the planet.

Without commitment, we risk falling into dull non-action and sterile indignation.

Without wisdom, compassion is blind, without action, compassion is sterile.

Matthieu Ricard

Committing to Karuna on a daily basis

Make a donation

Your generosity is the source of our programs. With your support, on a single or regular basis, our team can implement high impact projects.

Philanthropy & Sponsorship

Patron, foundation, philanthropist or company, join the Karuna family. Discover the different ways to take part in societal changes.

Passing on your legacy

Karuna-Shechen is able to receive your legacy gift as a bequest, donations or life insurance. Contribute to a more altruistic future.

Create a solidarity action

Action for Karuna is a solidarity movement that allows anyone to build a personal initiative to raise funds. We can guide you through each step.

Working with youth

Young people play a crucial role in building a more altruistic world. We can inspire them to take care of the planet and its inhabitants.

Get informed and share

Discover all our news – articles, events, social networks, newsletter – and share it with others. Being informed and sharing is also acting!


Do you want to mobilize your skills and energy? Check out our volunteer opportunities on our social networks or get involved with other organizations.

Altruism in action

Plant organic vegetable gardens

10€ per month
= 12 kitchen gardens
Make a regular donation
Create a kitty with your friends

= 20 school kits
Setting up a solidarity project
Act sustainably
for the planet

= 5 solar panels
Involving your company

Inspiration for action