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Acting for a more altruistic world

One altruistic gesture can lead to another

By starting with one small act that is a source of joy, we can compensate for the feeling of overwhelming helplessness. With this first step we can begin to multiply our actions and inspire those around us.

An engagement that suits you

Engagement can take different forms: minor daily adjustments or major personal or professional choices; sudden or gradual change, or even collective initiatives.

It is important to keep in mind the three pillars: inspiration, training and engagement. Inspiration and training are meaningless if they do not lead to some form of action. The important thing is to find the engagement that suits you in order to act for a more altruistic world: an engagement that is nourished by inspiration and daily practice.

Without wisdom, compassion is blind; without action, compassion is barren.

Matthieu Ricard

Committing daily with Karuna

Make a donation

Your generosity is the fuel for our actions. With your support our teams can continue to implement high-impact development projects. Every gift is important to us, no matter if it is large or small; if it is offered once or repeated monthly.

Philanthropy & Sponsorship

Discover the different ways to be part of the change. Join the Karuna family as a patron, a foundation, a philanthropist, or a company.

Passing on your legacy

Karuna-Shechen is able to receive your legacy in the form of bequests, life insurance, and donations. Please consider contributing in this way. It will sustain our activities for a more altruistic future.

Create a solidarity action

You can help by launching a personal campaign to raise funds from other people or organizations. Action for Karuna is part of our fund-raising initiative that will guide you at every step.


Would you like to mobilize your skills and energy ? Check out our volunteer opportunities, or get involved locally with other organizations that welcome volunteers.

Get informed and share

Discover all our news – articles, events, social networks, newsletters – and share it with those around you. Informing and sharing is also taking action !

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Matthieu Ricard, Flore Vasseur qnd Elsa Da Costa