Change your look at the world and people

Karuna-Shechen invites us to change the way we look at the world, to become aware of the beauty of nature and of all the living beings that share the planet with us, and to be inspired by all the altruistic acts that surround us.

Inspiration requires an attentive look at what is usually less visible, to witness the beautiful as well as the less beautiful. By cultivating positive emotions such as joy or wonder, we strengthen our motivation to act and we give meaning to our daily lives.

Without this daily inspiration, we risk losing sight of our motivation, and in the long run, forget the meaning of our actions.

Let us marvel at the wilderness, a birth, a gesture of kindness, […] a statue of Buddha or a face that reflects the unfathomable depths of wisdom and compassion.

Matthieu Ricard

Wonderment through the lens

Matthieu Ricard’s book and photographic exhibition Wonderment has inspired people around the world. You too can share your wonder and raise awareness for the protection of life.

Gallery, museum, company: host Matthieu Ricard’s Wonderment exhibition
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School, hospital or prison: welcome Matthieu Ricard’s photos for free
Exhibit Wonderment
Teacher or youth leader: discover wonder through photography
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Daily inspiration

A volunteer portrait

Moving towards what resonates


This summer, let music inspire us

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What if we dared to take action ? 

Matthieu Ricard, Flore Vasseur qnd Elsa Da Costa
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