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Support innovative programs run by our “favorite” associations

Since 2020, Karuna-Shechen has been working alongside friendly associations aligned with our missions and values, to support and co-construct innovative, collaborative projects.

Through these partnerships, Karuna helps to create a positive impact in society and support innovative ideas that make a difference. These projects represent around 9% of the total budget devoted to all our programs in the field. This investment also enables us to forge strong links with inspiring organizations, creating fruitful collaborations for the future.


Food security – Guaranteeing sufficient, high-quality food

The Tergar Charity was founded by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. It works to ensure that the inhabitants of Nepal’s landlocked Nubri valley can be self-sufficient, develop economically and cope with climate change.

The program supported by Karuna aims to improve food security by providing greenhouses to grow a variety of nutritious vegetables all year round. The crops also enable the women supported to develop an income.

Now we can get all kinds of vegetables all year round: in spring, when no vegetables grow outside because of the cold climate, I can grow them indoors. I can feed my family whatever the season. I’m also very happy to have been able to share my produce with my neighbors and friends. We live much better than before


In 2022, 669 people had access to better food and income

I support food security


Economic and social equality – Empowering women and farmers

ASSEFA is founded on the principles of justice, love and service. The association works to empower communities to ensure economic and social equality for disadvantaged populations.

Based in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, the association works with the same multi-sectoral, participatory approach as Karuna-Shechen, helping women and farmers in particular. We support an interest-free micro-credit program for the purchase of livestock, the construction of wells, the installation of drinking water systems and the provision of support for pupils with learning difficulties.

After I got married, I wanted to create a professional activity of a social nature that would enable me to earn a living while benefiting the community. In my village, many people suffer from grey teeth, kidney stones, diarrhoea… I’ve heard that this is due to regular consumption of poor-quality water. So I graciously gave up a piece of my land to set up a water purification unit, which I manage and which brings me an income. I’m happy to see the benefits it brings to everyone, even the neighboring villages that come all the way here.


In 2022, 854 people received financial support

I support the empowerment of women and farmers


Basic needs – Improving living conditions in slums

Calcutta Rescue’s teams aim to improve the health and general well-being of the most neglected populations.

The Calcutta Rescue association cares for slum dwellers and provides resources to help them achieve greater autonomy: prevention, improved sanitary conditions, hygiene products and housing assistance. Karuna supports a street medicine program and the rehabilitation of housing, sanitary facilities and water storage systems.

I live with my husband and one child, and I’m currently pregnant. For the past few months, I’ve been going to the street health service to receive medication and food supplements. It’s hard for me to express the joy of finally having a well-built toilet. Before this, we had to go far from home to relieve ourselves in the bush, and we had to be careful of passers-by and animals. A very delicate situation in rainy weather, especially for the women.


In 2022, 4,270 people saw their living conditions in shantytowns improve

I support development in the slums

In recent years, numerous studies have shown that caring for others is a particularly difficult job, both physically and psychologically. In response, Karuna-Shechen is launching its first program in France, in partnership with Mindfulness solidaire association.


Emotional intelligence – Caring for those who help

Our partner, the Mindfulness Solidaire association, delivers mindfulness-based emotional intelligence programs in prisons, emergency shelters and organizations for people in social difficulty, in vocational rehabilitation or suffering from addiction. It has extended its action to social workers and all those who accompany these people on a daily basis.

The Resilience program aims to share and experiment with emotional intelligence tools to prevent empathic distress and develop self-compassion among professionals in the social or medical fields. Thanks to its rich and varied content and concrete, accessible tools, Résilience has enabled its participants to learn to respect their limits and regain confidence in their abilities and decisions. Through collaborations with new associations, it will also open its doors to people in professional integration and isolated people.

Meditation is good for me, it’s my breath of fresh air and it’s what allows me to be much more available for the people I accompany. I feel like a driving force.

Pauline, social worker and Resilience program participant

In 2022, over 100 people took part in the workshops

I support the care professions in France

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