Founded by Matthieu Ricard in 2000, Karuna-Shechen acts and advocates for a more altruistic world
2022 Annual Report
Another year of altruism in action
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Altruism in action
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altruism in action
At Karuna-Shechen, we believe that altruistic love and compassion are the best ways to ensure the good of others, but also to live a meaningful life.

Our impact

670,000 beneficiaries
251,200 direct beneficiaries
3M$ budget
for programs
130 projects of
Saving lives
and preserving the health
of the most vulnerable
Strengthening access
to quality education for all
Promoting practices respectful of nature and life
to be agents of change
Fighting malnutrition while respecting the environment
Supporting innovative programs by inspiring organisations


Action for Karuna

Playing one’s part

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Altruism in action

Getting involved, finding joy

Early childhood development

Building a strong foundation for the future

Altruism in action

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Mobile dental clinic

Joyful smiles

March 8th

Nabina Tamang : a vet technician portrait

Nabina Tamang : a vet technician portrait