Mishra, Kalpana, Chahi Meena and Jirhul are agents of change ! They embody an inspiring force, a positive influence for transformation within their societies. On International Women’s Rights Day, they will be joining us to help you discover our programs dedicated to their quest for autonomy.

Our teams, led by Sharmila Pun, Asifa Khatun and Nikita Rai, work with determination to meet their needs and aspirations. With your support, we are committed to offering them equal access to realize their full potential.

An economy of the common good must promote social justice and equal opportunities, so that every human being can express their full potential.

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Two women cultivate a kitchen garden.
A woman sets up her own micro-enterprise.
25 women embrace menstrual hygiene.

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Women at the heart of change

Our programs are designed with particular sensitivity to the specific needs of women. By breaking the taboo of menstruation, reinforcing their agricultural skills and helping them to develop their financial independence, Karuna-Shechen aims to strengthen their role in society. They are sources of inspiration, the pillars of a positive and transformative force.

Daring to talk about menstruation

Breaking the silence surrounding menstruation is essential to promote the well-being and empowerment of women and girls. Karuna-Shechen’s menstrual hygiene awareness program aims to encourage sustainable practices, and encourages these girls to begin  the dialogue.

Building inclusion for all

Chahi Meena Budhachettri, an ECD teacher in Nepal, sheds light on the impact of education on young children. She dedicates her energy to implementing playful learning. Chahi thus promotes the development of values of inclusion, gender equality, and compassionate interactions among her students.

Becoming an entrepreneur

Supported since 2021 by Karuna-Shechen, Subhashini Bhagat runs a food sales business in Jharkhand. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and being out of school at a young age, she has managed to build a project that allows her to earn her own income and act for her own well-being.

Nurturing autonomy

In a difficult geographic context, Nepalese women are at the heart of food security in their communities. The agricultural training programs are designed to strengthen their skills and knowledge of good farming practices, in order to ensure their food self-sufficiency.

The association Agir pour la Santé des Femmes, founded in 2001, aims to promote and improve the care and overall well-being of women in  precarious situations. Karuna-Shechen spoke with Myriam Maïcha, the association’s Executive Director, about the solutions they are proposing to help our society move towards greater inclusion of women and a better understanding of the challenges they face in the medical field.