In 2023, Karuna-Shechen supported over 494,130 people through various interdependent programs, addressing the overall situation of communities: health and hygiene, education, food security, economic development, and environmental preservation. Our holistic approach has had a global impact on the lives of over a million people.

The year was marked by key events and significant moments, such as the experimental phase of the Altruism in Action intervention model, the 2nd edition of the Altruistic Encounters, the launch of the Resilience program, and much more!

Discover now the achievements made possible by the generosity of nearly 3,500 individuals and organizations committed to Karuna-Shechen: field actions, advocacy, financial report, testimonials, and more.

We are more convinced than ever of the need to cultivate benevolence and cooperation to build a better world, to meet the challenges of our time and those of tomorrow. We are happy to continue, together with you, Karuna’s benefactors, partners and members, to humbly commit ourselves to this ideal.

Matthieu Ricard

The mission of Karuna-Shechen is rooted in the secular values of Buddhism and is manifested through the synergies between those we support, our benefactors, our volunteers, our friends, and our teams. Aware of this interdependence, we can progress together toward a world imbued with altruism.

Whether you are discovering us today or have been with us for a long time, your support is invaluable. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for being with us.