Bequest, life insurance and donations

Working with us to strengthen the resilience of communities

When you include Karuna-Shechen as part of your legacy, you contribute to a more altruistic world and support communities in their daily lives.

Through this act of solidarity, you support communities that are building a more just society and caring for the environment.

In France

Since 2014, Karuna-Shechen has been authorized to receive bequests, life insurance policies and donations in France thanks to the Karuna-Shechen Endowment Fund, which carries out activities in the public interest.

As such, bequests and donations made through this fund are exempt from transfer taxes (art. 795, 14° of the CGI).

In Switzerland

Founded in 2017, Karuna-Shechen Switzerland is a recognized public utility organization. As such, it is eligible to receive bequests and inheritances from Swiss residents.

It benefits from tax exemption (art. 9, al 1 let. f LIPM) and can receive bequests, inheritances, life insurance proceeds, and donations exempt from inheritance taxes.


In Europe, inheritance depends on the legislation of the country of residence. Karuna-Shechen is a member of the Transnational Giving Europe network: a solution for cross-border donations and, in certain cases, bequests.

In the United States, Karuna-Shechen has created a 501c3 legal structure to receive American donations and bequests.

Let’s build an estate that suits you

Your  generosity will ensure the continuity of our programs that improve the living conditions for people in India, Nepal, and Tibet, while perpetuating  Karuna-Shechen’s message of altruism and solidarity among communities

Our team is here to answer all your questions and advise you in creating a project that reflects your values and commitments. All our exchanges are confidential, and your wishes can be modified at any time.

Kindness in action is a balm on the wounds of this sick world, a hope to brighten hearts. At my level, it’s an answer and a solution to finding direction and meaning in my life. I’m enchanted by Karuna’s projects and achievements, which are exactly what I imagine we could do to improve the lot of thousands of people in need. To be able to “participate” in a small way through a bequest to this current of benevolence in action gives me happiness. Thank you Matthieu and Karuna.

Anne J., testaror

What can be passed on


Life insurance

Life insurance is a contract, taken out with a bank or insurance company, in favor of a beneficiary. On the death of the insured, the insurer commits to distributing the bequest to the beneficiary.


A donation consists of a donor, during their lifetime, giving ownership of one or more of their assets to a third party, called a donee, their lifetime. Once accepted by the donee, the donation is not revocable.

How to transmit ?

To assist you in your endeavor to extend the commitment of your life, we provide a comprehensive guide to answer all your questions and support you in this gesture of compassion and hope for future generations.

Our dedicated brochure is available in two versions, specifically tailored to the legislations in France and Switzerland, respectively.

At your service

Philanthropist Relations Manager

The members of the philanthropy team are always happy to answer all your questions.