Encouraging farmer autonomy

Pollinating the economy

Annuel Report 2023

Altruism at the Heart of Action

At the heart of the field

Samjana Gurung, committed to change

Together towards the future

Altruism to shape a better world

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Building a healthy future

Women Pillars of Agriculture

Nourishing Autonomy

To foster women's empowerment

Dare to talk about menstruation


Women in action

Food Security

A Green Winter

Ophthalmic Health

Seeing Beyond Limits

Cultivating Altruistic Potential

The New Resilience Program – Altruistic Alliance

Testimony from Kapilvastu

Breaking Borders and Inspiring Change

Darjeeling and Kapilvastu

New Intervention Areas in 2023

Mental Health

An Universal Human Right

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