Our impact

More than ever, Karuna-Shechen is convinced of the need to cultivate kindness and cooperation to build a better world.

For 24 years, our organization fights against the cycle of poverty and to reveal the full potential of the most disadvantaged women, men, and children in India, Nepal, and Tibet.

The families we assist live in isolated rural areas where they have little or no access to healthcare services, quality education, or economic opportunities. We accompany these individuals in their empowerment and resilience-building, making them active participants in their own development. This is how they progress towards a better future.

494,130 individuals supported

22,000 animals treated

555,000 indirect beneficiaries

Our programs

Intervention areas

Since 2000, our mission has been to help children, women, and men to the best of our abilities, without distinction of gender, religion, or caste. What unites these individuals above all is their strong determination to break free from extreme poverty by becoming active participants in their own development.

Karuna-Shechen operates in India, Nepal, and Tibet, in the most disadvantaged and remote regions, where the needs are most urgent.

We now work in seven intervention areas, each with its own specificities.