At Karuna-Shechen, Our work values are based on the expression of kindness and empathy towards one another. In our daily interactions everyone is invited to pay particular attention to cultivating an altruistic mind…Our desire is to foster a welcoming and pleasant work environment. These values encourage us to act mindfully every day for everyone’s benefit.

Within any organization or group, it’s important to realize that we don’t work alone. Each person can  contribute to collective intelligence when we cultivate the principles of horizontal governance, egolessness, and self-awareness. These values emphasize the interdependence of all team members and encourage us to create moments of sharing. Through dedicated teamwork each individual contributes to something greater than themselves.

Seeking and recognizing joy wherever it’s found increases our determination to create a better world. It’s an opportunity to share what inspires us or outrages us, as well as to marvel at things,both big and small,. Spreading laughter and positive vibes around us has a beneficial effect on our mindset. Embodying this value allows everyone to seethe impact of their emotions on others, and the impact of joy in daily life..

Being with others also means allowing them to be with us. Engaging in dialogue through attentive listening offers us a space where every voice will be heard. If there’s a need to unload, share, ask for advice, or resolve tension, there will always be an attentive listening ear, because we believe that every person should be heard. 

Karuna-Shechen encourages everyone to care for others without neglecting their own needs. Taking care of oneself enables everyone to sustain their efforts on behalf of others.  Kindness can be expressed in everyday actions, large and small. Offering help, or preparing a comforting meal for those around you can make all the difference in someone’s  day. This value is embodied by the calm, and gentle figure of our founder, Matthieu Ricard.

When we think of efficiency in the workplace, it can be stressful. It feels like an injunction to be productive every second, of every minute, of every hour spent at our desks. But efficiency, understood in a kind and humane way, requires finding the right balance between common goals and kindness towards oneself. Sometimes, a state of mind or moment of the day doesn’t allow for completing a task. Sometimes a moment of rest, or exchange, allows us to easily refocus on our work. Our goal can only be achieved, if we pay kind attention to our abilities and the time we have available.

The familiar economic and academic models of learning tend to limit us to our specializations.. Over time, it becomes harder to consider that we still have things to learn. By valuing the unknown, we encourage listening to new ideas with the mind of a beginner. We seek to discover new things that will amaze us. Thus, we are welcome to offer our help in an unfamiliar field and to introduce new ideas to our colleagues.

Saying thank you may seem like a simple courtesy, but our belief is that by being attentive to all the small details that could be overlooked, we become aware of all the efforts everyone makes for the community. Karuna would not be possible without the generosity of its donors, nor without the work provided by the teams and the volunteers, who work tirelessly every day. Cultivating and reminding ourselves of our gratitude towards these individuals recognizes their actions and sustains them. This provides Karuna’s teams with a sense of support, highlighting the collaborative work that makes our projects possible.

Right speech invites each person to fully open to others, with honesty, integrity, and humility. Karuna offers a space for listening and for sharing where everyone can express themselves without judgment. We invite everyone to take a step towards each other by revealing a little more, if they wish. This deep sharing is in line with our convictions and values.Our aim is to engage in deep authentic relationships among Karuna members, donors, and supported communities. 

Integrating and applying these values ​​on a daily basis is an exercise of the mind. It is a commitment of our members to each other, to the people we support and to those who support our work. Sometimes these values require effort, but the deep convictions of our teams create a healthy and serene space.Our commitment to collaboration and kindness encourage us every day to become better individuals.