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Thanks to the generosity of thousands of benefactors, Karuna-Shechen is carrying out its humanitarian mission with determination.

The donations we receive play a crucial role in funding all aspects of our efforts to improve the living conditions of vulnerable communities in India, Nepal, and Tibet.

Everyone, according to their abilities, can contribute to the success of Karuna-Shechen’s projects.

Giving to others, connecting with them, and experiencing a sense of sharing are essential elements for your fulfillment.

Matthieu Ricard

Each Month an altruistic gesture

For Karuna-Shechen, regular donation is more than just a monthly financial commitment. It represents an ongoing involvement in our mission. By choosing to contribute a fixed amount each month to our organization, you are actively participating in our efforts, strengthening our ability to unlock the full potential of the communities we support.

You support effectively and effortlessly, without having to think about renewing your contribution.

You collectively contribute to creating meaningful changes.

You sustainably support the cause that is dear to your heart.

By donating every month, Karuna-Shechen is able to sustain its programs. This is essential to help more and more people to become autonomous and agents in their own development.

Thierry B., a recurring donor

There is no small donation

Every altruistic gesture counts. You can also support us through one-time donations. These donations represent a flexible form of support, giving you the freedom to contribute to our cause when it aligns with your capabilities. You have the opportunity to respond instantly to specific needs or particular initiatives of our organization. This flexibility allows you to tailor your support to ongoing events, thus enhancing your direct and immediate impact on our mission.

1 woman takes literacy classes
Five families benefit from an organic vegetable garden
16 enfants sensibilisés à la préservation de l’environnement
Two women supported in launching their micro-enterprises

What are the tax benefits?

You can make a donation through any of our branches depending on the currency of payment and the tax benefits of each country.

EUR in France

Karuna-Shechen Europe is “Loi de 19010” association, registered in the national directory of French associations under the number W922004765.

  • For French residents subject to tax, donations are eligible for an income tax reduction equal to 66% of the amount of the donation, within the limit of 20% of taxable income. A donation of 100 € costs you only 34 € (Art. 200 du CGI).
  • Donations made by companies in France as patronage allow to benefit from a corporate tax reduction equal to 60 % of the amount paid, within the limit of 0,5 % of the turnover before tax. A donation of 100 € costs you only 40€ (Art. 238 bis du CGI).

CHF in Switzerland

Karuna-Shechen Switzerland is a Swiss association in accordance with Articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. Donations to the association are considered deductible expenses for income tax purposes under Article 37 LIPP, up to 20% of net income for individuals and 20% of net profit for legal entities.

USD in United-States

Karuna-Shechen USA is a U.S. 501C non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible only for U.S. residents.

HKD in Hong Kong

Karuna-Shechen Asia Ltd. is a registered charity with the Hong Kong Government. Residents of Hong Kong can deduct the cumulative amount of their annual donation, for any amount exceeding 100 HKD, up to 35% of their assessable income or profits, when filing their income tax. To apply for the deduction, you need to declare the total amount of donations in your tax return under section BIR60.

What Is the Purpose of Your Donation ?

In 2022, thanks to 4,353 donors and 189 partner organizations, Karuna-Shechen supported 670,000 people, mobilizing overall expenses of 3.7 million dollar, with 81% dedicated to our programs combating extreme poverty. Advocacy activities represented 2% of our budget. To support our missions, operational costs accounted for 17% of expenses.

Our approach is guided by altruism, incorporating rational design, rigorous impact assessment, and judicious use of resources. Our commitment to transparency and integrity is unwavering.

Beyond the Donation


Your donation directly fuels concrete projects to break the cycle of poverty and unleash the full potential of the supported communities.


We invest in innovation to uncover innovative and sustainable approaches to challenges.

Financial Transparency

We commit to transparency, integrity, and combating corruption in our relationships with donors, beneficiaries, and partners.

A question?

Élodie, Relationship with benefactors

We are available to help you with any questions you may have regarding the use of your donations.