One of the tremendous powers of altruism lies in its ability to bring people together, around a common vision but also around very concrete actions. As 2022 comes to an end, Karuna-Shechen wanted to highlight these bonds, that unite us all.

Altruistic love based on the understanding of the interdependence of all beings allows us to establish harmonious relationships with all those around us.

Matthieu Ricard

Nurturing sincere, deep, and lasting relationships

At Karuna-Shechen, we are committed to creating sincere, deep, and lasting relationships with all the people involved in the fight against extreme poverty, starting with the beneficiaries.

Cooperation with communities is central to Karuna’s work. The active listening and benevolent presence of our teams allow us to build invaluable ties of trust with the people we accompany. 

Based on these exchanges, Karuna-Shechen works hand in hand with the communities to design and implement adapted programs. The latter focus on the needs and desires of the populations, the improvement of their living conditions, and the preservation of their well-being.

All these projects are the result of the interdependence that unites those who wish to work towards a more altruistic world. It is the generosity of donors, the commitment of volunteers, the resilience of the communities, the devotion of a team, and the support of a large community around the world that help transform the lives of thousands of people and reduce extreme poverty.

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An action focused on the well-being of communities

Acting in favor of the most disadvantaged people requires a strategic approach. Ours is centered around the interests of the populations and aims to empower them, all while respecting their culture.

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Development by the beneficiaries

The communities are not mere recipients of our programs but the main actors. In order to strengthen their autonomy, beneficiaries are involved in the programming, monitoring, and evaluation of projects as well as in the management of material and financial resources. This is how they acquire and deepen their skills while developing their resilience, even after Karuna-Shechen’s intervention has ended.

A holistic approach

The causes of extreme poverty are numerous and interrelated. In order to eradicate them at the root, and not just to alleviate their effects, Karuna-Shechen adopts a holistic approach. Thus, our actions take place at different levels, in various domains, and rely on complementary means. These intervention methods generate profound changes and sustainable progress in the short, medium, and long terms.

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A local approach

Each intervention zone has its own specificities and therefore requires an adapted approach, which begins with an evaluation of local needs and resources. Furthermore, Karuna’s teams in the field are composed entirely of people from the country in which they are working. This enhancement of local human resources provides us with reliable knowledge of the territory, customs, and system, as well as valuable proximity to the population. It is also the only way to optimize the resources entrusted to us and to ensure a relevant, efficient, and respectful response to the culture and wishes of the population.

Let us conquer the world with love, let us intertwine our lives, let us weave them with the bonds of sacrifice and love: it will be possible for us to conquer the world.

Mother Teresa
Support the development of autonomous communities
Fight against extreme poverty

Improving our action, strengthening our links

Karuna works to improve its strategies and working methods to guarantee quality programs that put people’s interests at the center and ensure lasting beneficial change. Karuna-Shechen has developed a new model, called “Communities of Altruism in Action” (C2A). Based on the principle of community-driven development, the C2A model is inspired by the best practices in the development field.

“The C2A model will allow for real and deep contact with populations, with the goal of breaking the cycle of extreme poverty and creating short, medium, and long-term opportunities.”

Javed Miri, International Programs Director at Karuna-Shechen

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This year, like any of them for more than twenty years, the values of altruism, generosity, and solidarity advocated by Karuna-Shechen have been put at the heart of concrete actions that improved the lives of thousands of people in France, India, and Nepal.