Our impact

For 24 years, Karuna-Shechen has been working to break the cycle of extreme poverty and to develop the full potential of the poorest women, men and children in India, Nepal and Tibet.

The families we support live in remote rural areas where they have little or no access to health services, quality education or economic opportunities.

We support these people by empowering them, to be agents of their own development and enhance their resilience. This is how they move towards a better future.

More than 494,130 people were accompanied by us in 2023 including 555,000 indirect beneficiaries
and 22,000 animals

Our programs

Health & hygiene

Saving lives, alleviating suffering and preserving the health of the most vulnerable.
In India as in Nepal, the regions in which we work have limited material,
financial and geographic access to health care

73,200 medical consultations
17,635 women
educated about menstrual hygiene
22,000 animals
General medecine
Care for the whole family
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Specialty medecine
Responding to a variety of conditions
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Mobile clinics
Bringing care to remote areas
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Using technology to find the cause of pathologies
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Women and children
Raising awareness and addressing their specific needs
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Raising awareness of hygiene and building toilets
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Veterinary care
Treating and ameliorating the suffering of animals
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Helping in crisis situations and building resilience
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Strengthening access to quality education for all.
Education is not only a means of improving living conditions, but also a tool for the overall development of the individual. It is a key factor in promoting equality and autonomy.

8,450 children
in kindergarten
14,300 children
accompanied in their scolarship
700 adults
taught to read and write
Early Childhood Development
Educating with joy, cultivating values of cooperation and sharing
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School support
Rehabilitate, provide materials and educational tools
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Adult literacy
Learning reading, counting and other essential skills
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Teacher training
Supporting teachers in teaching methods
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Building futures
Helping teens build a better future
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Food security

Fighting malnutrition while respecting the environment.
Food security is defined as physical, social and economic access to sufficient, high-quality, nutritious food for an active, healthy life.

256,500 households
vegetable garden
10 wells and
12 ponds
provide better access to water.
636 families
use drip irrigation
Organic vegetable gardens
Enabling quality food based on traditional and responsible agriculture
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Drip irrigation
Irrigate crops all year round while respecting ressources
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Water management
Facilitating access to water through the creation of ponds and wells
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Emergency response
Helping in crisis situations and building resilience
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Economic development

Empowerment to be agents of change. People living in rural or mountainous regions of India and Nepal lack appropriate training, professional opportunities and support.

498 financial grants
for a micro-business
591 young people
in informatic classes
474 women
trained in handicraft
Training in responsible agriculture
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Securing an income through creative arts
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Information technology
Providing access to technical and practical knowledge
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Sustainable technologies
Training for tomorrow's jobs
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Providing financial support for business creation
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Preserving life and promoting eco-responsibility. The effects of climate change are already at work in our regions of intervention severe droughts and torrential rains follow one another, strongly impacting the poorest populations, who have no means to adapt.

9,750 trees
planted and
23,087 young people
made aware of eco-responsible attitudes
17,665 young people
made aware of eco-responsible attitudes
Ecological approaches
Raising awareness and promoting responsible practices
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Solar electrification
Offering sustainable, responsible and healthy energy
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Tree planting
Fight against global warming and preserve biodiversity
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Partner projects

Supporting innovative programs of inspiring organisations.
Since 2020, Karuna-Shechen has been committed to supporting and co-constructing innovative and collaborative projects that are aligned with our missions and values.

4,270 people
benefit from a better health
854 people
supported in their empowerment
669 people
benefit from a better diet
With Mindfulness Solidaire, caring for those who care
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Emergency support
With Calcutta Rescue, providing access to basic health services in slums
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Economic and social equality
With ASSEFA,working to empower farmers and women
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Food Security
With Tergar Charity Nepal, helping local people cope with climate change
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Intervention strategies

Our programs are based on intervention methods that guide our actions and permeate every employee in the field.