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Karuna-Shechen, founded by Matthieu Ricard in 2000, provides health care, education, and social services for the under-served people of India, Nepal, and Tibet.

Women, LEADERS of change!

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, discover the actions of Karuna in favor of change.


Karuna is a family of people united and committed for 20 years to build a more altruistic world.


Karuna-Shechen launches Action for Karuna. From November 2 to 8, 2020, put your talents to work for solidarity or discover a new discipline.

Our Environment Our Future

Help Karuan-Shechen improve well-being, raise awareness and reduce the impact of climate change.  Together, lets build a greener world!    


Latest News

A new training center in Jharkhand !

April 12 2021

Vocational training is central to our goal of empowering the poor in India. Started in 2014 with a few workshops, the initiative has quickly grown into a full-fledged program that is operating success...

Holi – the festival of colours has a dark side

March 26 2021

Among the numerous Hindu festivals, Holi stands out as the most vibrant. The festival of colours, as Holi is fondly called, is celebrated on March 28th this year. Though Holi in its truest form is all...

News from the project supported by Action for Karuna!

March 12 2021

In November 2020, Karuna launched a major call to action as part of our solidarity movement: Action For Karuna. More than 70 people got involved by organizing virtual or face-to-face events, and thank...

Women, LEADERS of change!

March 2 2021

“"Women are leaders at heart!  They care, they nourish, they help. They give meaning and direction to life. We must support and integrate them whenever we can.” ~ Shalav Rana, director of operati...

Towards altruistic practices at work ?

February 16 2021

In 2016, members of Karuna-Shechen followed a seminar with Frédéric Laloux, author of Reinventing Organizations. Specialized in processes of People's Change, Frédéric accompanied the members of Ka...

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Discover our 2017 Annual Report!

Meet the villagers, our team, and all those who make our work possible. Discover the values that guide and inspire us. And learn how your generous support improves the living conditions of 250,000 peo...