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Karuna-Shechen, founded by Matthieu Ricard in 2000, provides health care, education, and social services for the under-served people of India, Nepal, and Tibet.


Matthieu Ricard

Buddhist monk, author, translator, and photographer, Matthieu Ricard founded Karuna-Shechen to address the inequalities and suffering he observed in India, Nepal and Tibet.



Karuna-Shechen gives children access to education. We build and repair schools, help improve the quality of education and sponsor students, girls in particular.

Solar Power

Solar Energy

Empowering illiterate and low-caste women to become Solar Engineers, transforming the social and economic life of their villages.  



Bringing free medicine, consultations, maternal care and preventative health education to the most under-served populations.

Community Empowerment

Enabling children, their families and communities to meet their basic needs and to become active participants in their own sustainable development projects.




News from our Solar Grandmothers in India

Our newly qualified Indian solar engineers have recently returned from the Barefoot College training course and are already installing electricity in the remote village of Bhupnagar, India, (popul...

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Latest News

Literacy and Vocational Training for Women in India

October 15 2014

One of Karuna-Shechen’s main goals is to foster the economic and social empowerment of women. Our non-formal education program for women is now in fully operational in the state Bihar, India. We ...

In pictures: Our Third Mobile Clinic in India

October 8 2014

In India, during the first semester 2014, our medical teams treated 35,300 patients through our medical center in Bodhgaya and mobile clinics. More than 75% of our patients were women and children. P...

Nepal September News Bulletin

September 29 2014

Check out our September 2014 Nepal News Bulletin. In this month's issue:   Humla School Special - The running of Maha Buddha School and Hostel in Yalbang, Humla - Pema Lhamo, a 10t...

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