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Karuna-Shechen, founded by Matthieu Ricard in 2000, provides health care, education, and social services for the under-served people of India, Nepal, and Tibet.



Our services to disadvantaged communities include access to quality education, health care, clean water, solar electricity and other sustainable solutions that improve their standard of living.


Videos: Learn How We Work

Check out our latest videos and learn how your contributions are helping communities build a better future for themselves.  



How we help communities rebuild their lives after the 2015 earthquakes. 


Matthieu Ricard

Buddhist monk, author, translator, and photographer, Matthieu Ricard founded Karuna-Shechen to address the inequalities and suffering he observed in India, Nepal and Tibet.


Latest News

Empowering Indian Women to Reach Their Potential

January 2 2017

Karuna-Shechen’s programs help women learn new skills, build confidence in their abilities, and become more equal members of society. In the second half of 2016, Karuna-Shechen opened 37 NEW non-...

Gifts of Solidarity

December 13 2016

Matthieu Ricard, our founder and president, donates all proceeds from his publications to Karuna-Shechen. By purchasing one of his books, the new Imagine Clarity app, or one of his photographs, you a...

Compassion for Animals, Too!

November 18 2016

Karuna-Shechen’s compassion doesn’t end with people. Our new mobile veterinary clinic is bringing medicine, exams, and compassionate relief to animals in remote Indian villages. The program...

Filling a Gap, Curing Tuberculosis in Nepal

November 5 2016

Many of us think tuberculosis is a disease of the past, but it remains widespread – and life-threatening – for millions of people in Nepal. Instances are prevalent in remote villages, where the po...

Street Theater: From Silence to Spotlight

October 28 2016

Karuna-Shechen uses a type of street theater — known locally in India and Nepal as Nukkad Natak — as a tool to raise awareness of sensitive issues within the communities we serve. Our sponsored dr...

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Why Donate Monthly to Karuna-Shechen?

A SUSTAINABLE AND LASTING IMPACT Your recurring monthly donations make a sustainable and lasting impact on the lives of thousands of vulnerable people in India, Nepal, and Tibet, and provide us wit...

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