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Karuna-Shechen, founded by Matthieu Ricard in 2000, provides health care, education, and social services for the under-served people of India, Nepal, and Tibet.

Education as a Tool for Good

Karuna-Shechen helps provide people in India and Nepal with quality education to increase cooperation, compassion, and their potential.

A Focus on Prevention

Karuna-Shechen focuses on prevention to preserve health and promote the well-being of rural populations in India and Nepal.

#IAmChange: Women at the Heart of our Actions

Karuna-Shechen's programs help and empower women to become key players for change and a true source of inspiration.

Video: Matthieu Ricard’s Life Work

The Monk and the Philosopher was published a little over twenty years ago and provided the funding to start Karuna-Shechen! Matthieu Ricard shares the story.    


Latest News

Thanking India for sharing its culture

October 3 2019

Western countries haves been inspired by India's diverse spiritualities and ancestral traditions for centuries. Today, many people benefit from this heritage, which contributes to the well-being and p...

A healthy and happy society, our common goal

October 2 2019

Promoting and protecting health is essential to human well-being, as well as to sustainable economic and social development. Still too many people in the world suffer from disease, hunger, poor hygien...

What we share with yoga: altruism and harmony

October 1 2019

The Yoga for Karuna initiative arose from the shared commitment of several yoga teachers and Karuna-Shechen’s desire to make the world a better place. Return to the source: clarity of the mind Ou...

Non-Traditional Education: Teaching Empowerment and Sustainability

August 31 2019

At Karuna-Shechen, we know that education can have far and deep reaching benefits. An engaging teacher, opportunities to learn, and a positive learning environment can create a spark that changes a li...

Promoting Quality and Equality in Education

August 28 2019

Laxmi is a bright teenager and a shining example of why Karuna-Shechen focuses on improving education in the Himalayas. Sitting at a wobbly desk in a makeshift building that wasn’t secure enough to ...

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Discover our 2017 Annual Report!

Meet the villagers, our team, and all those who make our work possible. Discover the values that guide and inspire us. And learn how your generous support improves the living conditions of 250,000 peo...

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