Over the years I have accumulated images of my spiritual masters and the world they lived in. My aim has always been to share the beauty, strength and depth of their world.

Matthieu Ricard

The city of Mérignac invites you to follow Matthieu Ricard as he shares his vision of the world and his photographs as part of his exhibition “Painting with Light”. By immortalising the joyful faces and powerful gazes of a spiritual master, a child or an old man, or by photographing the nuances of the landscapes that surround him, the photographer casts a benevolent eye on the world and shares magical moments with us.

A visit accessible to all

Matthieu Ricard invites you to follow him on a virtual guided tour of his exhibition, recorded in the atypical setting of the Mérignac church. This virtual tour guided by Matthieu Ricard’s voice allows you to discover his pictures from a computer or a smartphone, following the exhibition which took place between September and November 2021. Discover the exhibition by clicking below.

An immersion in the Himalayas

Matthieu Ricard takes us with him to discover the most beautiful landscapes he has crossed. From the misty mountains of Nepal to the Tibetan temple hidden behind the clouds, the photographs on display present unique moments of play between light and shadow.

Wonder being one of the key vectors of his work, Matthieu Ricard manages to touch us with the natural poetry of the moments he captures. This exhibition invites the viewer to an immersion in the immensity of the Himalayan spaces, between nature and spirituality.