When altruists join forces, they can generate a tremendous power for good. (…) Everyone can mobilize in his or her own way and cultivate an altruistic state of mind to become a link in the immense chain of solidarity that trenscends borders, castes, genders and religions.

Matthieu Ricard, co-fonder of Karuna-Shechen

Action for Karuna returns
from May 16 to 22, 2022

Karuna-Shechen advocates and acts for a more altruistic world. The Action For Karuna movement unites all those who want to participate in this vision. This year, all the donations collected will finance our food security program that supports more than 53,000 families in India.

Matthieu Ricard and the Karuna teams invite you to join the solidarity movement:

Launch your solidarity initiative

Everyone can participate in their own way according to their creativity and talents: solidarity course, student initiative, sports challenge, team-building event, life event… Everything is possible!

  1. Set up your solidarity project and create your online kitty on actionforkaruna.org
  2. Federate your entourage and share altruism around you  
  3. Collect donations on your kitty from your network
  4. From May 16 to 22 : Action for Karuna ! It’s the D-day of your event

Participate in the solidarity week

Everyone can get involved! You don’t have an idea for a solidarity project? You can still participate in our workshops and virtual events.

Discover all the events of the 5th edition

A boosting growth for India

Since 2000, Karuna-Shechen has been active in India where we help isolated rural populations to improve their quality of life.

All donations collected during this 5th edition of Action For Karuna will finance our food security program which supports more than 53,000 families: organic vegetable gardens, fruit trees, drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting…

The goal? To meet essential nutritional needs, promote environmentally friendly agriculture and encourage efficient water management.