What a joy to witness all of Karuna’s accomplishments, which would have been impossible without all of our donors! The pandemic is still affecting people living in India and Nepal, but they are growing more resilient to the virus. As a result, most of our programs were able to resume in 2021, and others expanded into innovative new projects.

Matthieu Ricard

This year, Karuna-Shechen supported more than 400,000 people in India and Nepal, implemented actions for health, education, food security, economic development and the environment, and initiated a new program in France. We also continued our efforts to advocate for a more altruistic world.

In 2021, you took action with us in the field.
Thank you for your support!

2021, a year full of hope

We gradually resumed most of our programs as the Covid pandemic was better controlled. What a joy to see vocational training, schools and clinics reopen, and reconnect with all those we support.

2021, a year full of novelties

In January 2021, Karuna launched its first solidarity program in France, in partnership with the association Mindfulness Solidaire, for the benefit of social workers. But that’s not all! Many changes, such as the creation of a new visual identity for our association will allow us to better share our vision with you all.

2021, a year filled with encounters

In 2021, Karuna proposed sharing more material content to inspire and cultivate altruism in action in everyone’s life. Thus, the association has organized numerous meetings with inspiring personalities, through digital roundtables and conference.

2021 a year of cooperation

Many of you have acted alongside us. In particular, we would like to mention the 67 project leaders of Action for Karuna who, in May 2021, put altruism in action and raised €120,000 to finance a program for early childhood development in Nepal.

2021 was a year of interdependence.
Donors, employees, volunteers, beneficiaries, partners
Together, we took action on the ground.

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