At Karuna-Shechen we make sure to bring out our altruistic side while dealing with patients, staff and every individual. Here, we understand that the practice of altruism makes a Doctor popular, approachable, and reliable.

Dr. Jaya Maitra

The medical emergency in India, especially in the regions of Bihar and Jharkhand, is a major concern that Karuna-Shechen clinics are addressing. One-fourth of the Indian population lacks access to healthcare, underscoring the need to make essential healthcare accessible to as many people as possible. Recognizing the interconnectedness of the causes of extreme poverty, the organization’s clinics take a holistic approach to the needs of patients and healthcare staff. This involves creating modern, well-equipped facilities and providing comprehensive training for medical personnel. Karuna-Shechen’s ultimate goal is to offer complete support to patients, fostering a trusting dialogue between healthcare professionals and patients. This “Care”-centered approach, emphasizing comprehensive support and attentive listening, reflects Karuna-Shechen’s deep commitment to improving health and hygiene in these regions.

Doctor Jaya Maitra has been associated with Karuna-Shechen’s Jharkhand health team from the very start. Talking about the importance of doctor-patient relationship, she shares, “Next to the mother-child relationship, a Doctor-Patient relation is, in my opinion, one of the most moving and meaningful experiences shared by human beings.”

She adds that, “honestly speaking, the Doctor-Patient relationship represents a fiduciary relationship in which, as a physician, I agree to respect my Patients’ autonomy, maintain confidentiality, explain treatment options, provide the highest standard of care and quality time, and commit not to abandon my Patient without giving him or her adequate time to find a new doctor.”

Talking about her experience of dealing patients with utmost compassion and empathy, Dr Maitra opines, “Most of my Patients reveal their secrets, worries, and fears that they don’t disclose to their friends or family members. I have noticed this strategy to be of immense help for the early recovery of my Patients. Placing trust in a Doctor helps them regain their health and well-being. The unique relationship between Doctor and Patient encompasses four key elements: Mutual Knowledge, Trust, Loyalty, and Regard. I am growing each day with this sharing and caring attitude. In fact, at Karuna-Shechen, I am learning that the trust the patients have in me is my real asset. Since trust involves the Patient’s faith in the Doctor’s competence and caring, as well as the Doctor’s trust in the Patient and his or her beliefs and report symptoms”.