Matthieu Ricard and photography

Matthieu’s spiritual life and his camera are one and the same, resulting in these fleeting and eternal images.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

For 50 years, Matthieu Ricard has been photographing the landscapes he encounters: from the mountains of Chile to the Himalayas and Iceland. This passion has led him to capture breathtaking landscapes as well as atypical events. The photographs also feature faces, including those of his spiritual teachers.

Numerous magazines such as National Geographic, L’Express and Géo have published images taken by Matthieu Ricard.

For several years Matthieu Ricard has also participated in the International Festival of Wildlife and Nature Photography in Montier-en-Der. These meetings bring together photographic exhibitions as well as meetings, round tables and conferences: a true international reference in the field of wildlife photography.

Painting with light

The inner, or spiritual, light reflects a deep sense of wholeness, wisdom and kindness. […] The light of joy is born of an unmixed appreciation of the present moment. […] The light of altruism is born from the best part of the human being, from the golden nugget of benevolence that we all have deep within us.

Matthieu Ricard

In the photographic exhibition Painting with Light presented in Montier-en-Der, Matthieu Ricard presents the people and moments that have inspired his life. By immortalizing the joyful faces and powerful gazes of a master, a child or an old man, or by photographing the nuances of the landscapes that surround him, Matthieu Ricard casts a benevolent eye on the world and shares with us magical moments.

A video about his photographic work

In November 2020, thanks to COVID19, virtual meetings were organized with the photographers participating in the festival, including Matthieu Ricard.

Discover Matthieu Ricard’s exhibition, Painting with Light! He tells the story of his photos and the techniques used to make them.