Matthieu Ricard expressed himself on his blog on September 9, 2022 about the documentary “Buddhism: the law of silence”.

We believe, as he does, that it is important for the victims to speak out and for the crimes committed to be firmly condemned. Matthieu Ricard has spoken out several times on this subject, notably in 2011 on France Inter, on France 2 (Sagesses bouddhistes), on the Belgian RTBF, and has also devoted a blog post in 2017.

Karuna-Shechen can only note that Matthieu Ricard has devoted his entire life to helping and trying to do good, to the best he could.

As for our association, founded by Matthieu Ricard, we are a non-religious and non-political organization that helped more than 420,000 people in 2021, regardless of gender, religion or caste. Our mission is to help the poorest of the poor, to the best of our ability. On the other hand, no money is allocated to any religious activity, regardless of its obedience. The populations we work with are mostly Hindu and Muslim, with a minority of Buddhist, Christian and animist populations (To know more).

The Karuna-Shechen team is composed of employees and volunteers of all faiths: local and international teams as well as members of the Board of Directors. It is dear to our hearts to value the diversity within our teams.

For any question concerning the association and its activities, you can contact:
Erick Rinner, President,
Quentin Durand, General Manager,