On this day of celebrating music in France, June 21st, we invite you to be inspired by the sound of music recommended by members of Karuna: these songs, their messages, and their performers are inspiring for us, in one way or another, and we share them here, so that our summers may be inspired, awaken our consciousness, and give us the energy to engage!

There were tears – Imany

“This song is a wonderful tribute to Nelson Mandela’s fight against injustice and to all freedom fighters around the world. I hope you will appreciate it as well!” Immerse yourself.


“What initially attracted me was its catchy rhythm that immediately resonated with me. The lyrics, in French, on the other hand, are strikingly candid, addressing burning issues related to our environment and our future. It urges us to act collectively to preserve our planet and become aware of our impact. I am simply captivated by this eco-conscious anthem, which combines sharp lyrics, a captivating rhythm, and a profound desire for unity.” Listen.

La Corrida – Francis Cabrel

“A subtle and profound plea against bullfighting. The central character is not the bullfighter, but the bull, whose perspective we experience. We resonate with and suffer alongside it. The lyrics, in French, prompt us to ask ourselves a fundamental question: Does the existence of a custom or tradition justify its relevance in today’s world?” Uncover.

Hajarax Rahara – Anmol Gurung

This song in Nepali talks about the beauty of nature, love, and the spiritual connection with the world around us. It also evokes the search for happiness and inner peace through the contemplation of nature. Discover.

Goca Dunya – Altin Gun

“It addresses global issues and advocates for unity, understanding, and empathy across cultures and societies.” Vibrate.

Society – Eddie Vedder

““Society” is a song on questioning our modern society, consumerism, and materialistic mindsets. It denounces all of this heavy topics while being gentle.” Listen.

Optimista – Caloncho

“It’s a very pleasant song with great vibes that encourages gratitude. I find that its messages come through even in the instrumentation and melody, so even if you don’t understand Spanish, you can still feel all of that.” Escape.

Aux arbres citoyens – Yannick Noah

“It was through this French music that I first became aware of the impact of our society on nature, which prompted me to question and embark on my ecological awakening, even though I had always been close to nature since a young age. On a more personal level, it was my father who introduced me to it, which also brings back memories with him and highlights the importance of what our parents can transmit and inspire in us, as well as the nostalgia of childhood. ” Let yourself be carried away.

When we gonna learn – Jamiroquai

“I like this song because it calls to react and highlights the collective / interdependent aspect of the mission that is imposed on us.” Immerse yourself.

Treat People with Kindness – Harry Styles

“This song brings me joy. It reminds us of the importance of kindness to others and to ourselves, of forgiving, getting and giving second chances. I like that such an influential person spreads this message that is so close to Karuna’s value.” Savor it.

Sung Dhang Lemo Su – Passang Lhamo

“It is a song I deeply connect with. The first time I heard I had no clue about what it was but like we always say music needs no language.” Connect.

This song in Tibetan talks about love and nostalgia. It also references the natural beauty of the Tibetan landscape and its symbolic meaning in the context of love.

Fight song – Rachel Platten

“This song restores my self-confidence and makes me want to enjoy life, to look on the bright side, to lift my head up if I’m in a difficult moment and encourages me to get through the trials, to find myself strong enough to give the best of myself or bounce back.” Find it in yourself.

La vuelta al mondo – Calle 13

“I like this song because its an inspiration to travel, to discover new cultures and to think out of the box.” Listen.

Girl put your record on – Corinne Bailey Rae

Its uplifting lyrics celebrate authenticity and self-confidence, accompanied by its joyful melody that instills a sense of positivity and optimism.

No man can find the war – Tim Buckley

“It raises awareness about the futility and destructiveness of war, emphasizing the need for compassion and peace.” Discover.

We hope you enjoy listening to these songs with us ! ☼