Our Work

Karuna-Shechen develops and manages humanitarian and development programs that help under-served and disadvantaged communities in northern India, Nepal, and eastern Tibet reach their full potential and create a better future.

We provide vulnerable populations access to health care, education and vocational training, clean water, solar electricity, and other sustainable solutions that support and improve their livelihoods.

Our comprehensive development and humanitarian strategy is based on active community participation, women’s empowerment, and the preservation of local natural resources, expertise, and culture.

With our staff in direct contact with the populations involved in the projects, Karuna-Shechen’s activities have a significant impact on individuals, their families, and their communities.

Each year,  over 270,000 people in the Himalayan regions benefit from our work.

Community Development

Karuna-Shechen initiates and supports community development projects. We empower under-served local communities by giving them the tools they need to...


Karuna-Shechen works with local partners in under-served Himalayan communities to build new schools and improve the quality of education in...

Empowering Women

Women’s empowerment is at the heart of our development strategy. We believe women can play a leading role in reducing...


Karuna-Shechen provides medical services and health education to individuals and families through clinics, and mobile outreach programs. The people we...