Access to Clean Water

Providing reliable sources of water to rural communities in Nepal and India

Most communities we serve are located in drought-prone regions. The lack of reliable water sources has a serious impact on those communities and women and children are the most severely affected.  It is estimated that 60% of all childhood diseases in the world are transmitted through unsafe drinking water.

Access to water is an essential human right, and it is crucial for the survival of these people to find sustainable, low-cost, and effective solutions to this serious problem.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

In Nepal and India, Karuna-Shechen installs rainwater harvesting systems, a traditional technique that transforms rain into reliable sources of drinking and non drinking water  in remote rural schools and villages.

We install large water tanks in schools and some villages as well as small domestic tanks next to houses for families.

This low-cost method has maximum benefits for health as well as for the environment. The stored water can be used for various purposes including washing, cooking, sanitation, watering kitchen gardens and safe drinking water.

We also install water hand-pumps in local community schools and monitor water quality, providing easy access to safe drinking water to school children.