Food Security

Providing a reliable source of nutritious food and an extra source of income.

Nepal: Improving Food Security in Earthquake Affected Villages

In Nepal, Karuna-Shechen is working to help rural communities affected by the 2015 earthquakes build a better and more sustainable future for themselves.

As part of our program to rehabilitate rural communities devastated by the disaster, we are working with LEAD, a local Nepali organization, to improve food security and promote small-scale local organic agriculture in remote areas.

We organize training sessions in villages to teach communities, and women in particular, how to make a sustainable use of local resources and grow organic food using traditional techniques and seeds specific to their region.

By the end of their first training, participants have learned how to organically plant and maintain a small patch of land. Our program teaches them how to select and preserve the best seeds, soil management techniques, how to make organic pesticides, fertilizers, and compost, and much more.

When they have mastered these techniques and can grow enough to feed themselves, villagers can start increasing their cultivation and eventually sell their organic products to earn extra income.

We are implementing this project in 12 districts gravely affected by the 2015 earthquakes.

India: Organic Kitchen Gardens

In Bihar, 80% of children below the age of five and 68% of women under 50 are malnourished. In 2013, Karuna-Shechen launched an innovative Kitchen Garden Program to address the high incidence of malnutrition and extreme poverty of small farmers in the state of Bihar.

Early 2015, we expanded this very successful initiative to the neighbouring state of Jharkhand.

Households and local schools are provided with plants and seeds and participants are trained in small-scale sustainable farming techniques. Our kitchen gardens contribute to greater food security by providing locally grown nutritious food to households and school children.

To support this program, we are running two organic nurseries in Bihar and Jharkhand.

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