Education in India

Strengthening basic education and supporting early childhood development in Bihar, India.

Strengthening Basic Education

Through our Strengthening Basic Education program we target government primary schools located in small rural villages. Some of the major issues that keep the level of education low in these schools are high teacher-student ratio, lack of materials, and poorly planned education programs.

To help reverse this situation, Karuna-Shechen recruits additional teachers, supplies teaching-learning materials and creates Parent-Teacher Associations. As part of program, we also organize Yoga classes for children.

Babua Schools

Karuna-Shechen runs two small informal primary schools in the villages of Masuribar and Dema, Bihar. They are completely free and offer holistic elementary education to underprivileged children. We opened both schools in 2014 and call them “Babua” schools as a reference to the loving nickname given to children in this part of the world.

Early Childhood Development

Recognizing the vital role that Early Childhood Development (ECD) plays in ensuring proper physical, emotional, cognitive and social growth of a child, Karuna-Shechen has introduced an ECD program in our partner villages, in the District of Gaya (Bihar).

Through this program, and in partnership with the French association Inter’Lude, we organize training sessions for childcare workers in under-served villages. We teach them how to organize various types of activities for preschool children (aged 3 to 6 years old).

We also design and donate games, toys and craft supplies to the centers, and organize “free play” sessions for the children.

Our programs are done through the government’s early-childhood education program and the Anganwadi Centers.

Video: Meet our youngest beneficiaries

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