Community Empowerment

Empowering Indian communities to become active participants in local development


Karuna-Shechen recognizes that the communities we serve are the experts on what they need. We have launched a special development program in India called “small money, BIG CHANGE.” This program empowers communities to be active participants in all local development decisions and solutions.

Our team meets with the villagers to discuss what they think are the challenges facing their community. Lack of water for drinking and irrigation, electricity, and quality educational facilities have been identified as major hurdles for all of our sponsored villages.

The villagers enjoy working with us towards resolving these issues. Project committees are formed and project bank accounts opened. Two villagers and a village coordinator are placed as the holders of each account, bestowing ownership and a greater sense of responsibility towards the projects.

So far, through this project we have successfully reconstructed a well and dam, built bathrooms for women, dug ponds, and leveled agricultural lands.