June 1 2018

Yoga for Altruism

In support of Karuna-Shechen and our humanitarian projects in India, Nepal, and Tibet, a group of dedicated people came together in France for the Om Shanti Festival — a four-day event that featured yoga, music, and compassion — and raised 12,000 for our projects!

With these funds, we can provide literacy classes to 3,500 women and treat 5,000 patients in remote Himalayan villages.

Frédérique Buisson, who has been a yoga teacher for 8 years, created the festival after several visits to Nepal left her wanting to do something to help those in need. 

The event was organized by Yoga Angoulême and took place in Charente, a town in Southwest France. All the festival speakers and teachers volunteered their time so all proceeds could directly support our projects.  

The festival was first held in 2017 and raised 8,000. It was such a success that Frédérique decided to repeat the event in 2018. Two members of our team attended the festival to show our gratitude and to meet the energetic and positive people who gathered to contribute to this altruistic cause.

From the bottom of our hearts, the Karuna-Shechen family would like to thank the organizers, lecturers, musicians and teachers who participated in the Om Shanti Festival!

Follow us as we plan and create a new international yoga festival, to be shared globally by all of us! Check back often as we post updates on this exciting new event that will take place in October 2018!

Did you know? Karuna-Shechen offers yoga classes to more than 900 children in 19 remote villages in Bihar. We also train local yoga teachers from the villages we support!