December 27 2018

Plans and Opportunities for the Year Ahead

In 2018, your commitment and support had a tremendous impact and allowed us to reach 250,000 people in need and give them the opportunity to better their lives.

Imagine a world in which we can continue, together, to expand our circle of compassion.

At Karuna-Shechen we offer sustainable solutions to remote mountain and countryside villages in Nepal and India, bringing food security, improving education, and giving women and girls access to opportunities that will help them lead better lives.

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In 2019, we will continue to make a lasting difference while embracing new opportunities and rising to meet new challenges.


Provide children in remote communities access to quality education and prevent school dropout, especially for girls.

  • *Support new schools and preschools to reach more children in need
  • *Recruit additional teachers to improve quality of education
  • *Distribute school supplies to increase effectiveness of education
  • *Provide outreach to involve the community in education


Save lives, increase well-being, and enable marginalized people to live in dignity and in good health.

  • *Open our new clinic in Jharkhand to serve some of the most impoverished people in India
  • *Bring mobile clinics to remote villages and increase services to fill needs identified by our team, including eye clinics and veterinary clinics
  • *Focus on prevention by informing and training villagers on proper nutrition, first aid, and hygiene practices, with a special focus on women and girls

Rural Communities

Improve the living conditions and strengthen communities, without creating dependence on external assistance.

  • *Bring solar electricity to remote villages to improve living conditions
  • *Increase disaster response training to help villagers deal with emergencies
  • *Promote local farming and gardening to increase food security and reduce malnutrition
  • *Install public toilets to improve hygiene in rural communities

Opportunities for Women

Provide rural women with access to basic education, training, and job opportunities.

  • *Provide literacy courses to increase independence and opportunities for village women
  • *Organize entrepreneur training to open up opportunities for women
  • *Support the creation of local small businesses to empower financial independence for women

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