April 21 2020

World Earth Day – From Inspiration to Action


« We live in a fundamentally interdependent world. Both our well-being and our ill-being are built with others, through others. » – Matthieu Ricard 

The beauty of our world and the beauty of life in all its forms encourage us to keep our eyes open to inequality and climate change. They can also suggest a motivation to act towards a more altruistic world.


La World Earth Day reminds us of our commitment: inspired by the beauty of all beings and nature, wonder motivates our action.

Protecting the environment and strengthening the capacities of vulnerable populations are the objectives at the heart of Karuna-Shechen’s programs.

Each year, we raise awareness, educate and protect for the Earth. In 2019, 18,782 families have planted organic vegetable gardens, 600 homes have been equipped with solar energy, 338 women have received vocational training, particularly in solar energy or ecological transport, and nearly 2,000 trees have been planted.

This can only be achieved thanks to you ! Turn your inspiration into action.



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