February 29 2020

Women’s Education: Changing Lives

Over the past twenty years, Karuna-Shechen’s pursuit of equality for women has brought forth many efforts to remove barriers and open doors of opportunity. Through our projects in India and Nepal, we have used education and training to help hundreds of thousands of women and girls improve their lives and take their place as active, respected members of society.

In honor of #InternationalWomensDay and #EducatingGirls we’re celebrating those who have used education, information, and training to overcome obstacles and pursue their potential.

Anjana: Following a dream to help others

A quality education empowers girls to pursue and achieve their dreams. 

Anjana was a young girl when her grandmother became seriously ill. She watched and waited while her grandmother sought treatment, and she noticed that it was through the care of a compassionate nurse that her grandmother was ultimately healed.

“I saw how a nurse can really take care of sick patients. More than the doctor, the nurse really helped my grandmother become better.”

Anjana knew then that she wanted to one day become a nurse so that she too could heal those who are sick and suffering. She was willing to work hard and study as much as it would take, in addition to helping her mother with cooking, cleaning, and other chores.

Today, this ambitious teenager is gaining a quality education through one of the schools Karuna-Shechen began supporting in Spring 2019: the Shree Saraswoti Basic School in a remote district of India.

“I’ve instantly seen the quality of education improve,” Anjana says.  “For a hardworking girl like me, the improvements will make a huge difference. It will help me to realize my dream.”

With a bright future ahead of her, Anjana’s quality education is empowering her to start a career, which will also help ensure that she has financial independence and social equality. She is also likely to serve as a role model for younger generations of girls and inspire them, too, to pursue their dreams.

Kamuri: Spreading health through knowledge

Community education helps women regain their health and empowers the next generation of girls. 

Kamuri lives in a remote Nepali village, where discussing women’s reproductive health has been taboo most of her life. But when Karuna-Shechen started up an awareness campaign in her community last year, Kamuri joined the committee to help spread the word.

“It has already helped women in our village a great deal. Through awareness brought about by this project, women have learnt about their reproductive health.”

Not only is the knowledge and information empowering the women reached directly, but it is also spreading and helping to improve the lives of generations of village women. “The women and young girls can now explain these things to their families,” Kamuri explains. “This will help prevent people from marrying early. Due to this also, the girls will study more and marry later in their life. This will greatly improve their lives.”

Day by day and woman by woman, the information spreading through our awareness programs is empowering women to improve their own health and the lives of women and girls around them.

Manju: Working for a brighter future for her children

Economic and entrepreneurial opportunities empower women to take their place as equal members of society.

Many people told Manju that she wouldn’t be able to do a job that was traditionally held by men. They discouraged her from training and pursuing her goal of becoming an electric rickshaw driver.

But Manju had seen a few other women drivers trained by Karuna-Shechen, and she thought to herself that if they could do it, she could too. Following her ambition, Manju enrolled and completed the training she needed — and then took her place behind the wheel.

“The first few months were a bit difficult and I was a bit scared,” Manju recalls. But every day, her confidence grew. “Now I am used to it. The money I make is extremely helpful and helps me ensure a better future for my children.”

Manju’s training equipped her to overcome the societal challenges women face in their plight for equality: lack of support and, most importantly, lack of opportunity. By investing in the training of women, society as a whole is lifted up — and a new generation of girls is inspired.

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