February 16 2018

Access to Education for Women: Improving Today and Tomorrow

Worldwide, more than 796 million people are illiterate — and two thirds of them are women. In India and Nepal, the lack of access to education and training perpetuates the cycle of poverty.


Investing in women’s education means investing in present and future generations. Studies show: 

* Children of educated women stay in school longer.

* Women’s education is the most effective way to reduce child mortality.

With your support, Karuna-Shechen provides women in remote villages access to literacy classes and teaches income-generating skills such as embroidery, basketry, candle making, and much more.


Our courses support attendees by gaining more confidence, as we help women gather the resources to participate in the economic life of their community and to become financially independent.


Karuna-Shechen’s beneficiaries share their experience

“These last nine months have been the most challenging of my life. I have been taking literacy classes in my village six days a week. Now I can write my name, and I know how to count to 50. I even know the alphabet in English. I do not have words to describe the feeling of pride I feel.” Meena Mahto,  Literacy Beneficiary, India.


“Now I can read and write Nepali. It’s as if someone has opened my eyes. A whole new world has opened up to me!” Rajkumari Lama, Literacy Beneficiary, Nepal.

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