November 14 2017

Welcoming Women out of the Shadows

The inequality and oppression of women in the Himalayas has caused enormous suffering. A main priority in Karuna-Shechen’s work and mission is to encourage women to come out of the cultural and economic shadows. We create opportunities for them to shine, embrace new vocations, and reduce the stigmas around women’s issues.

In a land where women’s empowerment is still in its infancy, we provide programs and services that respond to the needs of women and girls, helping those in the most disadvantaged and forgotten places to step into their potential.

How? By providing access to healthcare, education, training, and other responsive programs across India and Nepal that make a tangible difference for them, their families, and their entire communities. Here is a glimpse of the impact:

Our Female Electric Rickshaw Training Program provides women, many who have no primary school education, a lucrative new profession as a non-polluting taxi driver. This program supports the socio-economic empowerment of women, is a key factor in the eradication of poverty, and advances gender-equality by providing access to a profession that is largely male-dominated.

Vocational training programs in India teach income-generating skills to rural women, helping them to gain confidence and become more financially independent. We also offer  non-formal education classes in basic math, reading, writing, and national and world geography. Women benefit and the children who witness their mothers learning new skills improve their school performance.

Women and girls make-up 70% of the patients we serve in India. In addition to addressing their health concerns, we offer information and resources to reduce the stigmas of taboo subjects. Through our Menstrual Health and Hygiene Program, we create safe places to share information, distribute subsidized sanitary napkins, and advocate about the importance of healthy menstrual practices in remote villages and schools.

In the wake of the 2015 Earthquakes in Nepal, we launched solar panel technology training programs to bring safe, accessible light to over 700 affected households in 10 remote villages. Twenty-four women now  earn sustainable wages by installing and maintaining home solar lighting systems. This spring, 22 women participated in a 5-day refresher course that keeps the program current.

Please join us as we continue to uplift and support women in the Himalayas. Your monthly donation goes directly to these empowering projects. Make a donation here. Thank you!