May 2 2014

News from our Solar Grandmothers in India

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Our newly qualified Indian solar engineers have recently returned from the Barefoot College training course and are already installing electricity in the remote village of Bhupnagar, India, (population 309). This poor village had no possibility of getting other means of electricity in the foreseeable future. Solar lights have already been installed in 31 households.


Jagiya Devi, a resident of Bhupnagar village, explained to us how much her life has improved since the installation of solar lights in her household. Before the new lights, she had to complete her household chores before the onset of evening. Cooking dinner in the insufficient light of the kerosene lamp was very difficult and unhealthy, but, since the installation of solar lights, this problem is solved. Her children can now study after dark giving them more time to study and, in the long run, become eligible for further education. In addition  the villagers can now enjoy each others’ company and chat in the evenings.


“Previously, at night, we would have to face the threat of being bitten by poisonous scorpions, and snakes,” remembers Jagiya. “Another big threat was kerosene lamps, which are a serious fire hazard especially for the children. With the installation of solar lights we no longer have to worry about such mishaps”.

She offers her heartfelt thanks to Karuna-Shechen for taking the initiative to light up the lives of her community.

For the past two years our solar electrification program has been lighting homes in three villages in India. With the help of our new engineers we can continue to expand to all our 18 villages.

Learn more about our Solar Power project here.


Watch this video about our solar grandmothers training to become engineers at the Barefoot College. It  was produced by our partner in the UK, the Shining Hope Foundation (SHF).


To learn more our partnership with SHF, visit their website :