November 18 2016

Compassion for Animals, Too!

Karuna-Shechen’s compassion doesn’t end with people. Our new mobile veterinary clinic is bringing medicine, exams, and compassionate relief to animals in remote Indian villages.

vet 3

The program launched this fall in direct response to observations made in the field. While treating people via our mobile medical clinic, we noticed animals in impoverished villages suffering from disease, ailments, and injuries – and not receiving the medical care they need.

Karuna-Shechen jumped into action, pulling together the necessary pieces to launch a relief effort: a trained veterinarian, supplies, a vehicle, and a network of partners to help facilitate and spread the word within the villages.


The response has been extraordinarily positive – an indication that this is, indeed, an unmet need. Villagers from miles around bring their sick and injured animals – mostly family cows and goats – to receive free exams and medicine, as well as training on how to relieve future suffering.

The relief of the animals is often immediate, and that relief ripples out to the owners as well. In many cases, the Karuna-Shechen mobile veterinary clinic is the only option for those who cannot afford to travel long distances to a veterinarian or pay for medicine for their sick animal. Every day we set up, dozen of animals are seen and helped… and it’s making a world of difference for animals and their owners alike!

So far, our clinic has been able to operate three days per week, and we aim to boost operations to five days per week in 2017. The demand is certainly there, and the more villages we can visit, the more animals we can treat – and the more compassion we can spread.