April 1 2014

Match the Challenge and Bring Education to Dolpo!

UpperDolpoGroup copy

Karuna-Shechen has been offered a Matching Challenge Grant of $100,000 to bring education to the children of Upper Dolpo, a remote Buddhist area in Nepal.

Upper Dolpo is home to some of the highest villages on earth. But, despite breathtaking mountain scenery and its strong Buddhist culture, Dolpo’s situation is dire. Because of its remoteness, the 5,000 people living in those mountains have been largely forgotten by the government and the many NGOs that operate in Nepal. As a result, its younger population (5 to 25 years old) is trapped in a cycle of poverty and underdevelopment.

Karuna-Shechen will repeat the successful model of Humla and build a boarding school and hostel in the village of Sheri. This will provide access to education for 100 children from nine surrounding isolated villages. More than half of the students will be girls and the construction and the support of the students will be sponsored by Karuna-Shechen.

The villagers have offered the land and are committed to the project. Materials are being gathered for the construction that will begin in the spring. The school is just the beginning of other initiatives we hope to do in the region to help preserve its cultural identity and bring the population out of poverty. The villagers feel that now there is real chance for change in Upper-Dolpo and that their children will have a brighter future.

Help us bring quality education to the children of Dolpo by matching this very generous and compassionate grant. Every dollar you contribute will be matched up to $100,000!