June 16 2014

An Altruistic Triathlete

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In a few days, Steve Stievenart will be the first Frenchman to participate in the “Arch to Arc” triathlon. He will run, swim and cycle the 475 km between London and Paris to raise public awareness and funds for our humanitarian projects in India, Nepal and Tibet.

At 37, Steve is both an accomplished visual artist and sportsman. He is also convinced of the absolute necessity of giving meaning to everything he accomplishes and the importance of leading an altruistic life.

The Enduroman “Arch to Arc” is an extreme event. It starts with a 140 km run from London’s Marble Arch to the Dover coast, then the athletes must swim across the English Channel to the French coast, and finally the athletes finish with a 291 km bike ride from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The event will start any day between 18th June and 26th June, depending on general weather conditions.

All of us at Karuna-Shechen are touched by his initiative and wish to thank Steve for his selfless effort.

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Crédits photo : Laure Agneray