January 29 2018

Towards Sustainable Harmony

Karuna-Shechen’s approach to helping communities is a unique balance of responding to urgent problems while applying sustainable harmony to factor in the needs of future generations.

The term “sustainable harmony” was coined by Matthieu Ricard and implies qualitative growth based on better living conditions rather than trying to achieve quantitative growth based on ever-increasing consumption that can endanger the environment.

Within this context of altruism and cooperation, our programs advance communities’ health and well-being, develop opportunities, and create long-term sustainable solutions.

Projects that provide organic kitchen gardens, solar installation, access to education, and eco-friendly entrepreneurial opportunities improve the quality of life and advance sustainable harmony in remote villages.

Ours is a long-term approach that is made possible by investments from people around the world.

Recurring monthly donations have proven to be the most reliable support that makes it possible for us to plan our actions and to reach some of the most remote and impoverished villages on the planet.  As Matthieu says in the video,  “Thank you from our heart.”

Build a more sustainable and harmonious world with us:

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