January 20 2016

Three Friends in Search of Wisdom

(Trois amis en quête de sagesse, Editions Allary, 2016)

A new book (in French) by Christophe André, Alexandre Jollien and Matthieu Ricard.

This book was born out of our friendship. For a long time, the three of us have had a profound wish to engage in an intimate conversation on subjects close to our hearts.” –Matthieu Ricard

Trois amis en quête de sagesse


For many years these three friends dreamt of collaborating on a book exploring key questions about human existence. How can we aspire to our highest selves? How can hatred be diminished? How can we live with others? How can we develop our capacity for happiness and altruism? How can we become more free?

Together, using these themes, they recount their experiences, their efforts to solve these issues, and the lessons they learned along the way. While their perspectives differ, they find common ground in the quest for essential truths. This is an insightful, luminous guide to the art of living.


“A monk, a philosopher, a psychiatrist.  Three renowned authors and personalities. Between them they have sold four million books…A stellar cast.” Le Figaro

Author Biographies:
Christophe André is a psychiatrist who was one of the first in France to introduce meditation into psychotherapy. He is the author of Imperfect, Free and Happy (Psychologies Magazine Prize, 2007), Meditate Everyday and And Don’t Forget to be Happy.

Alexandre Jollien is a philosopher who lived from the age of three to twenty in a specialized institution for the disabled. He is the author of several books including In Praise of Weakness (prix de l’Académie française 1999), Short Treatise on Letting Go and Living Without Asking Why.

Matthieu Ricard has been a Buddhist monk for forty years. He lives in Nepal, where he devotes his time and resources to the humanitarian projects of Karuna-Shechen. He is the author of the bestselling books The Monk and the Philosopher; Why Meditate?, Happiness, and Altruism.