March 3 2016

Teaching Revenue-Generating Skills To Women

Indian women can be tremendous agents of societal change if they are given the opportunity to develop their capacities and achieve their full potential. However, too often they  do not have access to basic education and training and, thus, become the first victims of poverty.

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In the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand where our projects are located, we offer free vocational training and literacy classes to hundreds of destitute women from remote villages.

Bihar Women Statistics

We equip them with revenue-generating and literacy skills to empower them to become earning members of their family. We offer them a way out of poverty and build their confidence in their own abilities. It is part of our vision to encourage women empowerment and entrepreneurship in India and Nepal.

Some of the classes we offer to women villagers

Literacy Class

Literacy Class

Paper Bag Making Workshop

Paper Bag-Making Workshop

Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Pot Painting Workshop

Ceramic Painting Workshop (see Sunita’s story)

Rhaki Making Worshop

Rhaki-Making (string and bead jewlery) Workshop

Candle Making Workshop

Candle-Making Workshop