April 24 2019

Strengthening Nepal for the Future

Four years after two major earthquakes struck Nepal, Karuna-Shechen is still working in affected areas to reduce suffering and build resilience among villagers. Thanks to the tenacity and dedication of our team, and the extraordinary solidarity shown by people worldwide, we have accomplished a great deal since the earthquakes.

But there is still much more work to be done! Our teams on the ground in 58 mountain villages continue to see widespread suffering, and communities still need help to build their resilience and prepare for the future.

Karuna-Shechen remains committed to serving the most vulnerable. Together with our local partners and the villagers, we are focusing our projects in areas of high need and impact: education, solar electrification, food security, health, counter human trafficking, and disaster preparedness.

As we continue to work together for the future of Nepal, our high-impact projects will serve essential needs, increase resilience and sustainability, and prepare villagers to deal with future emergencies. Because of our low overhead, we can continue to impact lives and improve well-being through targeted projects that meet the most pressing needs

We invite you to continue to work with Karuna-Shechen to reduce suffering and improve the lives of people that were impacted by the earthquakes. Your continued and generous support will be invaluable to complete as many projects as possible.

100% of your donation will go directly to support our projects. Thank you!