February 5 2015

Solar light sets for rural villages

Good news from Gaya, India! The 220 solar light sets for rural villages from Barefoot College have arrived at our office in Bodhgaya. Delivery was expected in 2014, but was delayed by government administration complications regarding inter-state traffic.

Our perseverance and hard work paid off and the solar sets will soon be installed in the villages of Kadal, Barsuddi and Chando by our own solar engineers, Lakshmi Devi and Puja Devi.

Solar light in Gaya household

These two highly motivated rural women from Gaya villages undertook a six-month training course in Solar Engineering at Barefoot College in 2013 under the auspices of Karuna-Shechen.


Read what Puja Devi, a 26-year old mother of two from Chando, says about her training at the Barefoot College and bringing light to villages and communities.

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