June 6 2016

SLIDESHOW: India From Primary Schools to Literacy Classes

Please watch our slideshow about Pramod Kumar, one of our ‘Babua’ primary school teachers, and his mother, who is one of our literacy students. 

News About our ‘Babua’ Schools and Literacy Classes:

In India, Karuna-Shechen operates informal community schools, lovingly called ‘Babua Schools,’ in villages with poor access to education. With your support, our schools have been providing basic education to 290 disadvantaged children since 2014  in three Bihari villages, and have had a very positive impact on children.

We are also expanding the reach of our literacy classes for women. Since the start of the year, we have opened non-formal education centers in five villages in Bihar. We will be setting up even more centers, including in the neighboring state of Jharkhand.