August 12 2018

Discover our 6 New Schools in Nepal

In the small, remote Nepalese village of Taapkebid, a young girl has big dreams.

“I have goals,” says 9-year-old Lalita, “and I know that without education or work, my dreams will not come true.”

The village school Lalita attends is one of six new elementary schools selected by our team to receive support, funded through your generous contributions. In all, 500 students and 23 teachers from these schools will benefit over the next two years!

Providing access to quality education is essential in the Nepalese mountains, where government schools are underfunded or non-existent. Our team works with the school and the community on a case-by-case basis to make improvements and provide the support that is needed most, from repairs to teacher training, to supplying uniforms and books. Maximizing impact, we also offer our expertise on school management and encourage parents to become actively involved.

Our goal is always to set schools up for success, help them achieve sustainability, and then step back to allow room for self-governance. This year, we have the opportunity to work with six new schools because others have graduated and no longer need our support. This achievement confirms our effectiveness and encourages us to help new village schools, including the one where young Lalita is pursuing her dreams.

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