May 20 2014

Screening camps in Dhanusha

Amina Khatum

Amina suffered for 30 years from uterine prolapse, a condition in which the womb drops into the vagina and, in severe cases, slides out of the body. The story of Amina Khatum is one shared by many women in deprived families of rural Nepal.

Immediately after the birth of her two children three decades ago, Amina had to return to work in the fields without time to recuperate from the deliveries. For years, she continuously experienced severe pain in her lower abdomen and nausea and lived in constant pain.

In April, during a screening organized by Karuna-Shechen’s implementing partner, CFWA, her condition was identified and surgery in a government hospital was recommended. Now, the pain she experienced for so long is gone and she can walk around comfortably and lift heavy objects.

As a result of the four screening camps organized in the Dhanusha district, 89 women have been identified with various degrees of this condition. Of them, 43 women suffered from a severe case of uterine prolapse like Amina. In less severe cases, other methods of cure and relief are prescribed.


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