June 10 2014

Providing Quality Education for All

Sarita, 10 year old, loves going to school. She attends grade 3 at Pancha Kanya Primary, a small government-funded community school located in a remote region of the Kavre district, Nepal.


Two years ago, Sarita’s dream of getting an education was nearly shattered before it even began. Due to a lack of resources and teachers, as well as bad infrastructure, her local school was on the verge of closing down.

To reverse this situation, Karuna-Shechen offered financial support to hire two additional teachers and provide textbooks, stationery and uniforms for the children. To keep the children safe, we also financed the installation of a fence around the school building, which opened onto a busy road, and we leased land next to the school to create a playground.


As a direct result of our intervention, the school stayed open, enrolment figures went up and the drop-out rate decreased.

Thanks to Karuna-Shechen, Sarita and her friends at Pancha Kanya Primary now have access to quality education and to a brighter future.

Unfortunately many Nepali children do not have this opportunity.  Like Pancha Kanya Primary, many government-funded community schools are under-resourced. Some of them lack even the most basic facilities such as proper classrooms and toilets. Small rural schools struggle to get and retain teachers.  As a result, it is estimated that about 85% of children who enroll in grade one drop out of the school system before they graduate from secondary school. Today, 58% of adults in Nepal are illiterate.

Giving Nepali children access to quality education is one of Karuna-Shechen’s priorities. Children are the future. Educating children is the key to creating responsible adults who contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Karuna-Shechen currently offers financial support to seven small under-funded primary and lower-secondary schools located in under-served remote areas of the Mid-Hills and Terai regions. We also support seven small primary schools and one secondary boarding school in Upper-Humla.

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