February 15 2017

India – Physiotherapy for Those in Need

Two months ago, after he became partially paralyzed from a second stroke, walking was a challenge for 60-year-old Hari. He had to rely on family members to perform even the simplest tasks. Physiotherapy was not readily available for poor patients in India. “Life had become a curse,” Hari recalls.

Thanks to Shechen Clinic’s new physiotherapy department, launched at the end of 2016, Hari was able to regain much of his mobility – and independence. Two months of treatment, along with daily home exercises, has resulted in a 95% improvement in mobility.

Hari Yadav receives physiotherapy treatment to regain mobility

Like Hari, hundreds of other people have already been helped by this new service. Every day, six days per week, Dr. Sonal and Dr. Tabish treat between 20 and 45 patients using techniques like manual therapy, movement and exercise, electrotherapy education, and they offer advice on how to incorporate healing in their lives.

“Physiotherapy is a key element in fulfilling our mission to alleviate the suffering of those in need,” explains Shamshul Akhtar, the Director of Shechen Clinic and Karuna-Shechen’s projects in India. “Over the years I realized that many of our patients had very painful joint problems. Life is often tough for the villagers, and other treatments could not alleviate all of their pain.”

“So the idea of ​​offering physiotherapy services seemed natural and essential. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, this project has become a reality. I am very pleased and thankful.”