August 22 2019

Our Education, Our Future

Education is a fundamental right.
For back to school, give others
a chance to learn for life!

At Karuna-Shechen, we use education as a tool for good, helping people to develop their intrinsically good qualities. From the youngest minds to the most marginalized populations of India and Nepal, our education programs not only teach people to solve problems and sharpen their intelligence, but, more importantly, to be good human beings.

With our progressive approach, we teach children to develop altruistic love, and to engage in cooperation. Our programs for women provide access to education, training, and economic opportunities that break the cycle of poverty. At the community level, we teach people to devote time and resources to others, thus building a virtuous cycle of solidarity and reciprocity.

 f  Education fosters a more compassionate,
open-hearted, and tolerant society.

We invite you to join us as we equip people in India and Nepal with tools to build a better future for everyone. Thank you for your generous support.




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