November 13 2017

Our Compassion in Action Heroes!

Together with dedicated people around the world, we’re creating sustainable solutions and opportunities that reduce suffering and help preserve the culture of the Himalayas. This is compassion in action, and here are a few of the people who are a part of it:

SHALAV RANA, Project Coordinator, Nepal

“For me, there is nothing better than doing deeply meaningful work in a positive way. At Karuna-Shechen, every day, I feel wonderful. That’s why I work for this organization.”

SONAM DOLPA SHERPA, Head Nurse Shechen Hospice, Nepal

“It is important to me to relieve the suffering of others. Many of the people we serve come from poor families in remote villages and without us, they would suffer in horrible living conditions. We relieve suffering and create an environment where everyone can feel at home.”

SARITA KUMARI, Teacher, India

“Teaching children in my community brings me great personal satisfaction. I know that without our small village school, the majority of children here would not have access to education and would remain illiterate.”

DOCTOR SHAGUFTA KHALIL, General Practitioner Shechen Clinic, India

“I like my job, especially helping women and girls. Many of them come from the villages to see me. Without the Shechen Clinic, they would have to suffer in silence because of poor personal hygiene, often related to their living conditions.”

CATHERINE LALIVE D’EPINAY, Volunteer Treasurer, Karuna-Shechen Switzerland

“I joined Karuna-Shechen this year, driven by the values ​​embodied by Matthieu Ricard and my desire to respond to the challenges faced by people in the Himalayas. At Karuna-Shechen, I have the opportunity to work with people who share the same sense of altruistic commitment and positive spirit!”

LILATAVI DEVI, Village Coordinator and Teacher, India

“My job is to inform people in my village about Karuna-Shechen’s projects, such as the arrival of the mobile clinic or the literacy classes I teach to women. I am happy to help improve the living conditions of my community.”


MARY DICKIE, (on left) Friend and Board Member KSUSA

“Supporting Karuna-Shechen’s wonderful work to improve the lives of people in the Himalayan region has been a gift to me and my family. Karuna-Shechen is able to achieve maximum impact on people’s lives due to good stewardship of the staff and organization.”

All of you who support us, and these dedicated people, make our projects possible. You are our heroes of compassion in action.

Thank you!