June 19 2019

Growing the Circle of Compassion: Our Altruistic Beneficiaries

When we touch people’s lives through our humanitarian work in India and Nepal, we are not only improving conditions for the short term — we are also planting seeds of altruism that continue to grow and flourish over time.

Many of the beneficiaries of our projects are touched by the compassion they receive and are inspired to carry it forward. By doing so, they in turn touch the lives of others, who also become inspired to take compassionate action. Thus manifestations of good will spread and work together to help create a more altruistic world.

The following are words from a few of the many people we have helped and inspired to take compassionate action of their own.

Join us as we celebrate their inspired altruism:

Laxmi is a young school girl whose village received support through our Earthquake Rehabilitation program in Nepal. She saw firsthand how compassionate aid can save lives and improve quality of life. Once we repaired her damaged school, Laxmi was able to return to her studies. What has she decided to do with her future? Help others by becoming a nurse!


Dhan Kumari participated in our Kitchen Garden program and learned the importance of growing a variety of vegetables for her family using traditional methods. There is variety and more fresh vegetables in the food her family eats now, making their diets more nutritious. But Dhan Kumari doesn’t want to keep the abundance to herself.

By spending her time and spreading her knowledge, the benefits will continue to grow.

Kesari was selected to take part in our Solar Training program in 2018, and she then returned to her village and began her new life as a certified solar technician. Not only has Kesari received opportunity to improve her own quality of life, but now she is spreading light –literally — throughout her village. So far, she has given over a hundred village families  the means to safely light their homes. As a bearer of light in her community, Kesari is committed to improving the living conditions of others.

Let’s continue to work together to expand altruism and create a better world.

We invite you to join Altruism in Action

and expand our circle of compassion.