January 24 2019

Opportunity and Light: How Solar Transforms lives

In remote villages in Nepal, many households lack the means to safely light their homes. With no electricity source, the use of kerosene lamps is commonplace and results in poor air quality, dangerous conditions, and environmental damage.

Karuna-Shechen’s Solar Power program is an innovative solution that provides clean electricity and opportunities for women to be bearers of light in their communities. With your support, we provide local village women with comprehensive solar technician training in Kathmandu. Upon their return, they install and maintain 100 solar home lighting systems in their respective villages.

Opportunity for Kesari

Kesari was one of twelve women selected to take part in our Solar Training program in 2018. After two full weeks of training, she returned to her village and began her new life as a certified solar technician.

“Before and after work, I cook food at home,” Kesari says. “In the morning I work as a tailor in a local shop, and in the afternoon I install solar sets and do solar related work.”

Following this schedule, Kesari managed to install 100 solar sets in her village.

When asked what challenges she faced, Kesari recounts that the household selection process was difficult.

“We only had 100 sets to distribute,” she says, “and many more people wanted them.”

Supported by the village elders and the elected government officials, Kesari selected the households most in need and worked diligently to bring solar light into their homes.

“This process,” she says, “taught me to stick to the right path even when things are difficult. I will continue to do this to help my community.”

Light for Bahadur and his Children

Bahadur is a farmer who rarely leaves the village and whose 4 daughters and 2 sons attend the local school.

“We never had lights before as I couldn’t afford it, so my children studied with kerosene lamps.”

Selected as one of the households to receive solar power, Bahadur says, “I’m very happy. For the first time in our house, we have bright light, and we can see in the dark. I’m happy my children can study now. I want them to do many things I haven’t done.”

Karuna-Shechen’s Solar Power program continues to empower women to be bearers of light and improve the quality of life in isolated communities. Thank you for your support.